Zoom Instructions

The Madison Exchange Club will be meeting and conducting business over Zoom for the foreseeable future. Use the instructions below to set up and use Zoom for the first time. Zoom can also be used for personal use to stay in touch with family, friends and businesses.

Remote meetings give you the opportunity to attend meetings anytime and anywhere with the option to be a passive spectator or an active participant.


You do not need to create a Zoom account to join a Zoom meeting. However here are reasons why creating an account is a good idea.

1. You have to fill in your name manually EACH time you join a meeting without an account

2. If you plan to use Zoom frequently, having an account makes usage simpler


Zoom can be used on any Mac / PC / Laptop running MacOS or Windows that has a webcam and microphone. If your computer does not have a webcam and microphone, Zoom can be used on an iPad / Tablet / Smart Phone. Here are reasons to consider which device works best for you.

1. Computers with webcams are recommended for long term use because they can be set up once and used repeatedly. The camera angle, lighting and audio will remain consistent from session to session.

2. Tablets and Phones are the easiest to set up and get running quickly. Just install the Zoom Cloud Meetings app and you are ready to go. Be aware that you will need to hold your phone or tablet for the duration of the meeting or make a stand to prop up and hold your device at a comfortable height and angle with sufficient lighting.

3. In a pinch, you can dial in on any phone and join a meeting with audio only. You will not know who else is in the meeting or who is speaking.

Once you decide which device to use, scroll down to your specific device setup :


Click this link and follow the directions on Zoom's website



Download Zoom client software from this link and install Zoom Client for Meetings



Get the Zoom Cloud Meetings app from the App/Play Store


The easiest way to join a meeting is to click the join link that the meeting host provides. You can also click Join in your Zoom client and enter the meeting ID and password manually. Some users report that clicking the link does not do anything. If this happens, try right clicking the link and select the option to open link in a new window.

Join a test meeting to familiarize yourself with Zoom with this link



You can turn your camera and microphone on or off in the Zoom client. The decision to let others see and/or hear you is your choice. The location of these controls is represented by a microphone and video icon. A red slash through it means that it is turned off. Click/Tap these icons to toggle on/off.


If you cannot hear others, your speaker is muted or turned down. Use your device's audio controls to turn up or unmute your speaker.

If others cannot hear you, your microphone may be muted. Make sure that the microphone icon does not have a red slash. If it still does not work, your microphone may be loose, not connected or defective. Try reconnecting or another microphone. In a pinch you can use a regular phone to join with audio only while using your original connection for video.


Please turn off any TVs, music or radios for the duration of the meeting. Also mute yourself if you need to take a call, move to another location or make noise unintentionally or not. However, remember to unmute yourself before you speak up. Do not share zoom meeting links to anyone outside the club unless instructed otherwise. The meeting host will mute individuals or all participants to minimize audio interruptions. If your microphone is muted by the host, stop the noise coming from your location.


Chat is used to send messages to individuals or everyone. You can use chat to have private conversations with others. If the host sends you a message, pay attention. It is usually a request to quiet down or to help the meeting run smoothly.

That's it. Welcome to Zoom and the world of remote meetings!