Do I need a Gmail Account to access the Members Area?

You do not need a Google Mail (Gmail) Account. You do, however, need a Google Account password which will be assigned to your existing e-mail address (ie.

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What is a Google Account and why do I need it?

Google Account is a free sign-in system that gives you permission to manage your membership subscription and access to the members only area. A Google Account is not a Gmail Acount.

Google Account is simply a way of assigning your existing e-mail address with a password. If you ever forget your password, recovery instructions will be sent to your e-mail address.

You do not need to provide any private information about yourself, including your birthday. Google does not use account information to contact you unless you choose. The birthday question during registration is just to prove you are 18+ years old so you can enter any date as long as it meets the minimum requirements. You can read Google's privacy policy here.

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Which e-mail address should I use for my Google Account?

Use your current e-mail address. Do not create a Gmail Account or use an e-mail address that you do not use for Exchange Club business. The e-mail address you use must be on the Madison Exchange group e-mail list in order to have permission to access protected information online. After you submit your account creation form, you will get verification instructions sent to your e-mail address. If you are not sure which e-mail address to use, contact the

Example: Joe has an e-mail address which he uses to send and receive Exchange Club email. He must use as his e-mail address when he creates his Google Account because

1) verification instructions will be sent to that only Joe can open, and

2) must be part of the Madison Exchange group e-mail

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Is my current e-mail address part of the group e-mail?

Yes, if you are currently getting messages addressed to the Madison Exchange group. However if you are not getting group messages or your e-mail address has changed and you did not notify the club, then it is likely not.

The webmaster maintains who is on the group e-mail list. If your address changes, you must notify the webmaster to continue to receive club emails and have permission to access protected information online.

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I want to create a Google Account

The following steps will walk you through creating your Google Account. A sample form is show below. Click the sample form or the link below to open a Google Account creation form.

    1. Use your current e-mail address. This email does not have to be a gmail address. Most people have an e-mail address other than gmail.

    2. Choose a password that you will remember.

    3. Enter your password again to check for typos.

    4. Check Stay signed in and uncheck Enable Web History.

    5. Uncheck Set Google as my default homepage.

    6. You must be 18+ years old so enter any date that meets this requirement.

    7. Type in the characters you see under Word Verification to verify you are a person. If you can not read the characters, refresh the page to get a new word.

    8. Click I accept. Create my account.

    9. Open the verification message that is sent to your e-mail address and follow the instructions.

Ready to create your account? Click here to open the account creation form in a new window so you can still refer back to these instructions. After you submit your form, you will receive an email to verify yourself.

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I have a problem verifying my Google Account

Problems with verifying your account can be resolved here.

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I need to recover my Google Account

Problems with signing into your account can resolved with this troubleshooter.

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My Google Account does not have permission

The account you are using has insufficient privilege because the e-mail address is not on the Madison Exchange group list. You must either use a account whose e-mail that is part of the group or contact the webmaster and request your e-mail address be added.

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I have a Google Account but with the wrong e-mail address

Just create a new Google Account with the correct e-mail address. If you are not sure which address to use, go to the top of this page and use the Table of Contents. It is better to create a correct Google Account than to have multiple e-mail addresses and remembering which one is used for what.

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Help me sign in to my existing Google Account

The Google Account sign in screen can be confusing for first time users. A sample screen is shown below. Fill in your email and password and click Sign in.

Ready to sign in? Click here to sign into your Google Account.

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I still have questions and I need help

Contact the

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