Website Conventions

Collaborators must read all the information on this page before making any changes to the website. These conventions will maintain consistency between older legacy elements and new content. Conventions may be edited or removed if they become obsolete.


    1. If you don't know anything about Google Sites, watch "How To Use This Site" below.

    2. If this is your first time making changes, watch "Editing This Site" below.

    3. You must be signed into your Google Account to make changes (go here to set up account for the first time).

    4. There is a Sign in link at the bottom of every page so you can start editing anywhere.

    5. Default content window width is 675 pixels.

    6. Membership pictures are jpg files and use a standard size of 384 x 288 pixels at 96 dpi.

    7. Use Tables whenever possible on every page. Tables form the underlying framework to allow you to place content exactly where you want it. Use a maximum table width of 675 pixels.

    8. The editing tools are not perfect. Use the HTML button to tweak code for precise results.

    9. To hide Table borders and lines, change the border-width and border to 0 using the HTML editor.

    10. If something goes really wrong, roll back to an earlier version.

    11. If you're unsure about something, ask.

Embedding PDF files

    1. Upload the PDF to the page as an attachment

    2. Open the PDF file and change URL in the address bar of your browser ► replace viewer?

    3. with viewer?embedded=true&

  1. Back in the Google Site ► click Edit page Insert More gadgets Featured Include gadget (iframe) Select ► insert the URL ► customize the gadget display (width, height, etc) ► OK Save.

Learn how to use Google Sites and some of its features from this short video.

Learn how to edit this site by watching this short video.